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In 1995, at the age of 12, he officially became the drummer for Claustrofobia, a band founded by his older brother Marcus D'angelo and then started taking classes for new techniques and to improve musically. Since 1995, he has devoted all his life to his band and also to Thrash/ Death metal/hardcore genre, being considered versatile, with original style and strong grip, receiving great reviews from professional drummers, producers, magazines, websites, promoters etc. In all these years he made numerous shows throughout Brazil, three tours in Europe, where they played in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Belgium, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania. In 2018 and 2019, he did three tours throughout the United States, with approximately 100 shows, after that he returned to Brazil to play at Rock in Rio together with bands like: Iron maiden, Helloween, Slayer, Anthrax among others. He is currently in the studio to record the best album of his career.

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- 15" Hi Hat X10 Series

- 22" Mega Bell Ride X10 Series

- 19" Crash X10 Series

- 20" China X10 Series

- 20" Crash Ride RAGE10 Series

- 16" Crash REV10 Series

- 16" China REV10 Series

- 12" Splash REV10 Series


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