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- 10" Splash – REV10 Series

- 18" Crash – REV10 Series

- 20" Crash Ride – RAGE10 Series

- 17" Crash – RAGE 10 Series

- 18" China – RAGE10 Series

- 15" Hi Hat – X10 Series

Glenn Cwikla began playing drums in the early 90’s heavily influenced by rock legends such as Led Zeppelin, Rush, AC/DC and Aerosmith. Guided by his fathers encouragement he joined his first band at 15 a Metallica cover band that would eventually begin writing original songs and landed him in his first recording studio sessions at 16. Since then Glenn has recorded with 20 bands and released 14 Full length albums with in the “Heavy Hard Rock” Genre and a couple of “Alternative Rock” projects as well. Since Moving to Las Vegas in 2005 He’s been in multiple projects such as Vile Child, Ill PatientZ, Astoria702 and now Pariah was One.

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