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- 22" Mega Ride – X10 Series

- 15" Hi Hat – X10 Series

- 18" China – Rage 10 Series

- 12" Splash – Solo Pro 10 Series
- 19" Crash Ride – Celebrity 20 Series
- 18" Crash– Solo 20 Series

 Mauricio started playing drums at the young age of 12. He was part of a local church that his family was helping to establish in Las Vegas. There was no one to play drums so he volunteered and ended up falling in love with the instrument. Over a short period of time he started to play around with different styles and genres and discovered he had the most fun playing Metal due to its dynamic and aggressive nature. Many years later he joined a band called Mynas and has been blessed to be able to express his inner, most creative self playing heavy music.

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