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- 15" Hi Hat X10 Series

- 22" Mega Bell Ride X10 Series

- 20" China X10 Series

- 19" Crash X10 Series

- 18" China RAGE10 Series

- 18" Crash RAGE10 Series

- 18" China REV10 Series

- 16" Crash REV10 Series

Michael Arellano, (Mike Fury) is from Texas-USA, and he has been playing drums for over 20 years. Nowadays he`s playing in legendary Band  M.O.D.

M.O.D (abbreviation for Method of Destruction) is a crossover thrash band from New York City, fronted by S.O.D vocalist Billy Milano.

 Mike Fury is a very active drummer, besides the classic band M.O.D, He also plays in another bands, like:

Indisgust, Will to Live TXHC, Die Young, Protest and War Ensemble Tribute.

  He found in Orion Cymbals the best quality and durability to plays on Tours, from small stages to big stages.

 His Kit is mixing the series, X10, RAGE10 and Rev10 !!!!

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