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Orion USA Bandeira Preto.jpg
Orion USA Bandeira Preto.jpg
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 6" Splash

  Precise and balanced, High frequencies are predominant. Extremely short sustain. Good volume equivalent to the size.

8" Splash

  Precise and balanced, High and Mid frequencies are predominant. Short Sustain. Good volume equivalent to the size.

10" Splash

  Clear sound, instant attack, brilliant harmonics and with a little mid  frequencies

 13" Power Hat

Clear Sound, balanced harmonics, moderate mid, good definition e volume.

14" Power Hat

Balanced and firm sound, moderate volume and controled. Excellent presence.

16" Full Crash

Easy control, balanced and firm sound with mid bass harmonics. Great definition and volume.

16" Power Crash

  Solid sound, high frequences and great definition, its opening is easy and controlled.

17" Full Crash

   High tone with presence of metallic harmonics. Great presence marked by precise accentuation and shortened sustain.

17" Power Crash

    High-Mid tone. Great presence marked by precise accentuation and shortened sustain.

18" Full Crash

   High-Mid tone. Great presence and volume marked by precise accentuation and shortened sustain.

18" Power Crash

    Balanced harmonics, well-defined presence and volume with moderate decay.

16" Concept Crash

     Strong attack, metallic sound, lots of presence and sustain moderated

16" China

   Strong and engaging sound, its attack is full and evidenced by the presence of high-pitched harmonics.

18" China

   Its attack is clear and tight; mid tone with strong presence and moderately elongated decay.

20" Power Ride

   A versatile Crash. Its harmonics are mid-bass and balanced, great presence and volume, with a moderately long decay.

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