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 22" Mega Bell Ride

A dream come true. With a gigantic 8" bell, The 22" MegaBell Ride offers a solid "ping", a dark, defined ride with cutting frequencies.

 19" Crash

High-end performance, joining versatility to full, strong attack. A consistent crash, with a strong wash, with volume and projection.

18"  Crash

Looking for responsiveness and versatility? The best 18" Crash for those who are ready to rock!

17" Crash

   Responsive, high projection in mid-high frequencies. A remarkable cymbal.

16" Crash

    Delivers all versatility that classic rock and pop drummers seek. A beautiful 16" Crash, with a bright contour, a moderate sustain, keeping consistency and projection for heavier musical styles.

14" Hi Hat

    Versatile, catering to rock, hard rock and heavy metal drummers who play dynamicly. Highlighted high frequencies, with consistency and great projection.

15" Hi Hat

    The Anti Air-Lock System provides a powerful, crisp attack when opened, and excellent control when closed. Outstanding volume and a bright, consistent stick definition.

18" China

    Biting and fast, combines brightness and richness. The sum of its body's profile and the width of its folded collar delivers a fierce and striking attack, great volume, a higher pitch and swift retreat..

20" China

    Complements X10 series with a highly explosive, loud and strong sound, with a higher pitch then all other Orion Cymbal's series.


 21" Ride Impact

We longed to attend the plea of those drummers seeking for a defined, heavy "ping", with a good, balanced bell at hand, fit for the most demanding headbangers.

 20" Crash

Meets expectations of those thirsty for massive attacks, volume, wash, long sustain and good control when bashing. Consistency and projection at its best.

Orion USA Bandeira Preto.jpg
Orion USA Bandeira Preto.jpg
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