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Patrick Webster is an American multi-genre multi-instrumentalist, Patrick has a lifelong passion for music. He picked up drums at 10, creative writing at 11, bass at 12, and guitar at 13. With special interest in instrumental post rock and math rock, he is also reputable for his socio-political lyricism in hip-hop. His involvement in multiple genres of music, as well as his encouragement of self-expression in all people, expresses the essence of his creative alias Exist More. Joining the Orion Cymbals team in 2021 thanks to  Swamp Loco LLC, he looks forward to the mutual support of each other’s growth as well as the kick ass sound of these cymbals. Patrick’s content and booking can be accessed via Instagram @existmoremedia.”

orioncymbals white PN.png


- 15" Hi Hat - X10Series

- 22" Mega Bell Ride - X10 Series

- 18" Crash - X10 Series

- 16" Crash - X10 Series

- 11.5" Mini China - REV10 Series

- 6" Splash REV10 Series

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