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Metal Kit:

- 15" Hi Hat X10 Series

- 22" Mega Bell Ride X10 Series

- 20" Crash X10 Series

- 18" Crash X10 Series

- 18" China Type RAGE10 Series

- 16" China REV10 Series

- 11 1/2" Mini China REV10 Series

Ruston Grosse is an independent recording artist and touring musician currently residing in South Florida. Ruston is known throughout the extreme metal community for his sheer power and precision behind the kit, yet he is well attuned to many styles of music including Jazz Fusion, Funk and Experimental music that require a feel for grace, dynamics and improvisation. He has been a touring musician since 2006 and has recorded or performed with various outfits such as noise rock band SATANIZED, Candlelight recording artists WOE and RUMPELSTILTSKIN GRINDER, Prog rockers SURGEON, Blackened death Prog band SILVETH, Black Metal merauders KULT OV AZAZEL, Tampa area Death Metal band BRUTALITY, and legendary Death Metal pioneers, MASTER as well as countless other projects of varying styles including creating music for REEBOK commercials and voice over work.

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Jazz Kit:

- 10" Control Splash MS Series

- 12" Percussion Hat MS Series

- 14" Control Hat MS Series

- 16" Control Crash MS Series

- 17" Control Crash MS Series

- 18" Control Crash MS Series

- 18" Swish MS Series

- 19" Ride Attack MS Series

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