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-20” MS Control Ride

-18” RAGE10 China

-22” X10 MegaBell Ride

-14” FLEX HiHat (WS top, X10 Bottom)

-19” X10 Crash

-10” WS Splash

-8” Rev10 + MS Stack

-11,5” Rev10 Mini China

-18” RAGE10 Power Crash

-15” X10 HiHat

-18” Rev10 China

-22” X10 MegaBell Ride

-20” WS Ride

Yuri Alexander was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and started playing drums at 8. Always surrounded by music, grew up alongside his family’s musical work.

Participated in local and nationwide musical contests, being awarded several times.

Nowadays, plays in the bands Illuhmina, FireGun and Heresy, and as a sideman in the instrumental project Ignition Overdrive.

Studied with great musicians like Amilcar Christófaro (Torture Squad), Aquiles Priester (Angra, Hangar, Noturnall, About2Crash, Tony MacAlpine), Alan Marques (Sangrena), Dámaso Cerruti (Argentina) and Mestre Dinho Gonçalves.

Acts intensively as a clinician and instructor at Bateras Beat Music School, and in other brazilian institutions.

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